Blues Bettie...... we play music, listen to us and have a party..... our music is different - fresh, soulful, funky blues......  crazy horn section.... screaming guitar....  powerful vocals.....
  We know where we're going, and we're grateful for where we've been.  The Blues Bettie Band would like to thank those who have helped us along our journey, our audience, and our friends, that combine to make our extended family.

Robby Lochner - The best damn guitar player out there, our producer in the studio, and just a great person. We're always bouncing ideas back and forth, it's a huge help to the band.

Dionne Kemp - Dionne got us re-connected with the SoCal live music world,  she's always there when we need her. We would still be jammin' in the home studio without her - we owe!

Marc Cram - The Tone Wizard and electronics adviser to CvT and the band.

Lark Kessler, Adam Spriggs, and the entire staff at The CoachHouse and The Galaxy - When we started up, Lark gave us the opportunity to gain the exposure we desperately needed. She enabled us to bring our music to audiences that had no idea what  'BluesBettie' is, while giving our 'regular' audience wonderful venues to hear us. Lark moved on, and Adam stepped in, and has been a HUGE help to us. You can't ask for a better group of folks to work with. Thanks Lark, Adam, Clyde, August, Taylor, Kurt, Milo and the sound crew, Ian, and everyone else!!

Wayne 'Razor' Sharp - Wayne's an inspiration to anyone, and he's been very special to this band and it's members for years. He's simply the best Hammond player on the planet right now, period, for real, end of story.

Jeff Foster - The art master, and the creative genius behind the Blues Bettie logo.

John Whorral - Our 'other' art master, and creator of the CvT logo. 

Casey 'CJ' Reagan - The oficcial Blues Bettie Videographer..

Congratulations - to our friends Michael Burks and Wayne Sharp for receiving three 2004 W.C. Handy Award nominations:
Blues Instrumentalist Of The Year - Guitar - Blues Song Of The Year - "I Smell Smoke" 
Contemporary Blues Album Of The Year - "I Smell Smoke"
Plus!!! - We're EXTREMELY proud of our Sax man Dave Kraus, who received The Mr. Hollandís Opus Foundation Award for outstanding Instrumental Music Instruction - one of 5 persons to receive the award in the U.S. It's well deserved for sure!